Sunday, October 16, 2011

A day late.......

Yesterday, I set a goal for myself, list something on Etsy. Well since it was such a fun filled day with my good friend Debbie, of Cucaroo. spent at  Glitterfest! Held at the Elks Lodge in Santa Ana, what a treat! So many talented ladies in one room. Then Lunch at Mimi's Cafe. Thank you to Linda of LinSueRay, what a enjoyable day.
So after all the fun, a little family dinner celebrating my sister Shellie's 50th B-Day.

As you might guess, I never got around to doing the listing until today. Better a tad bit late, than never.  I have had these charms for a bit, all of them are done with quality Silvergleem solder. They are beautifully done. I just need to thin the herd a bit, enjoy.....

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