Sunday, November 6, 2011

Memory Lane and Apples

Several months ago my mother, Betty, suffered a mild stroke. Thankfully she suffered only a short term memory loss, no changes to her walking, talking, etc. My father takes very good care of her, and has for years. But as you might expect he needs a break now and again to re fuel. He has a monthly golf date, and has had since he was still in the workforce, with some of his friends from work. On these days we try to have someone be with mom and keep her company. Try as she might, we don't leave her alone.
Yesterday, was the day for dad's golf so a trip up to Oak Glen, Apple Country, was planned. Friday was a very wet, cold day, so I was a little reluctant to be driving up past Yucaipa for this outing with Mom. Shellie convinced me that the road trip was still in order. I was driving dad's truck and the three of us piled in. Mom's wheelchair and walker in the bed of the truck.
 Oak Glen is a place that we have been visiting for as long as I can remember. As a child we would all pile into the station wagon, Auntie flo and Uncle Jim would drive up to in thier car. We would spend time buying our boxs of apples, watching the cider press, waving off the bee's that were always present. After we were done there, we would pile back into the cars, drive across the mountain to Big Bear and picnic and hike, and eat apples. Over the years, as we children got bigger, the trips became less frequent.
 While I was pregnant with Katie, 29 years ago we drove up once. This time it was mom, dad, Jaydee in his car seat, and myself. Several years past until we went again. About 2000, we drove up, took our families, picnic'd  in the bed of my truck. Just to share some of our memories with our youngsters.
 Five years ago, a new generation started. Katie had her first baby and up to Apple Country we go!
 Last weekend Buddy and I went to score some cranberry walnut bread, and some pink ladies. The weather was so warm, I was wishing I had worn different forward to this weekend...
 So mom is so excited, it has been 5 years since she has been up there, and she won't be bothered by the weather. She dressed warmly, with her silk long underwear and away we go.
First stop Mom's for the cranberry walnut bread for Buddy, and some pink lady apples. These are my favorite. Next, Los Rios Rancho, the place we ALWAYS went to. Drive around a few bends in the road and SNOW. This is new, it never snowed on us before.  There we loaded up on more apples, cobbler, apple butter, marmalade, candles, just about anything mom could hold.
Drive back down a little, stop at Hudson's Snowline for some cider mini donuts, consumed those right in the parking lot, while we were looking at the lovely snow. It was quite beautiful.
 What a lucky girl I am to have a family that did things together, made memories that will last a lifetime. Especially if you keep feeding them with new ones.....

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  1. what great pics!!! we were up there a couple weeks ago too.....never got too warm, but it was sunny, I cant believe all that snow!!!!!! your mom looks so happy....!!!!!
    love pink ladies, but now Im hooked on honey crisps!!!!!!!